Making It Real (2021)

Funded by the Art and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) between 2018-2021, the UK Feature Docs team worked with industry stakeholders to develop proposals for a new policy framework for the documentary sector. This research was published in two policy reports. The first, Keeping it Real: Towards a Documentary Film Policy for the UK, presents the results of the largest ever survey of UK nonfiction producers and directors and makes preliminary recommendations for a fairer and more sustainable industry. The second, Making It Real: A Policy Programme for UK Documentary Film, is based on the extensive consultation that followed the first report and sets out a comprehensive set of sector-endorsed proposals for the UK documentary film industry.

Making It Real: A Policy Programme for UK Documentary Film comprises a new industrial strategy for documentary based on inclusivity, sustainability and the creation of optimum conditions for success at home and internationally. At the core of the programme is a set of proposals for a new organisational structure, which would run alongside measures designed to address structural issues and boost funding across the industry.

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