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Callum McCulloch


I’m a confident Producer working in a range of observational and current affairs documentaries.

Proudly neurodiverse, with diagnosed OCD, so fact checking and attention to detail are my super powers as my brain doesn’t know any other way.

I have worked on films and series for streamers like Netflix, NowTV and Discovery, broadcasters including BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4 as well as cinematic release. I’m experienced in working on all manner of topics, from interviewing beauty queens, to former neo-Nazis – and everything in between and films I have worked on have been nominated for a BAFTA, RTS and British Journalism awards.

Comfortable in a range of team sizes from development and pre-production through to post.

I am relocating to Edinburgh in February 2024, so will welcome any potential job opportunities and connections in Scotland as well.


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