Experienced Level
on the ScreenSkills scale
Languages spoken
English and Greek

Fotis Begklis

Academic, Editor, Self-shooting P/D

I am making independent documentaries, interactive multimedia projects, non-fiction films and personal experimental projects.  I am primarily interested in cinema’s ability to evoke poetry and memory and the power of film montage. My core specialisation is post-production, and I have been involved in various post-production roles. I have edited, colour-graded, sound designed, created motion graphics, animated and produced a wide range of films and multimedia projects. I also have substantial experience producing, shooting, researching and directing a wide range of short documentaries and non-fiction films. I have worked with many artists, corporate brands, musicians and local communities and collaborated on innovative educational, historical and artistic projects. I love working and collaborating with local communities and have worked with various underrepresented groups and voices. My research interests concentrate on practice-as-research in the field of essayistic filmmaking practice; film montage; accented cinema; socially engaged non-fiction, and new online media.


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