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Jen Fearnley

Cinematographer, Director

Jen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based between London/UK and Yuin land/Australia.

From documentary to commercials, whether shooting or directing, Jen is committed to combining intimate stories with creative vision and a core sense of integrity. Their films have followed LGBTQ+ activists fighting to overturn colonial laws in Kenya, young girls street hawking in Nigeria, female doctors challenging sexual health taboos in Somaliland, and a 100 year old woman facing end of life choices in London.

As a freelance director they have made films for organisations such as the Human Dignity Trust, Science Museum, The Tate, Barbican, Nike, Mini, and Sony.

They have a background in fine art and community organizing and hold an MA in documentary from Goldsmiths University. They also co-run The Tram House Studio, a film/photography studio in East London in a Victorian Tram Depot.


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