Expert Level
on the ScreenSkills scale
Languages spoken
English, German

Minou Norouzi

Film Programmer, Self-shooting P/D, Writer

Minou Norouzi is an Austrian-Iranian artist-filmmaker, fond of elliptical paths rather than ascending ones – conceptually, and ethically but also geographically. She moves between London, Helsinki and Athens maintaining close ties to artistic and scholarly circles. Elliptical shapes as metaphor and narrative method also characterise her films guided by the cycles of departure and return innate to diasporic life. Aesthetically, her work sits somewhere between the folds of artists’ moving images, experimental documentary and essay film traditions. Minou is committed to dialogue and reflection, to mindful consumption, and to tackling exclusion interventions imaginatively, and authentically. She thrives on conversation, loves cooking and gathering around food. She has written extensively about films and when requested to do so also dabbles in so-called film criticism. She was responsible for the artists’ moving image festival Sheffield Fringe (2011-19).


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