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Nelly Ben Hayoun- Stépanian

Director, Educator

Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian Ph.D is an award-winning designer of experiences,a filmmaker and creative director,who creates multi-dimensional experiential projects at the intersection of film,science,tech,theatre,politics and design.She is the founder of the International Space Orchestra the world’s first orchestra of NASA space scientists and astronauts;and the founder of the tuition-free university-University of the Underground-which includes board members and activists like Prof.Noam Chomsky,Pussy Riot and Prof.Arjun Appadurai,this tuition-free educative and cultural program is supporting plurality of thinking, free and transnational teaching and unconventional practices in the basement of nightclubs.Nelly is the author and director of five feature-length documentaries(The International Space Orchestra, 2013;Disaster Playground, 2015; I am (not) a monster, 2019;Tour de Moon (2023)and Red Moon (2024)).


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