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Languages spoken
English, Hebrew, Arabic

Niv Hachlili

Director, Researcher, Writer

I am a journalist, screenwriter, and director originally from Jerusalem, having moved to London in 2020. For over two decades, I have contributed to the development of stories and engaged in collaborations with musicians, directors, journalists, and writers on issues close to home: occupation, violence, oppression and discrimination; protest and organising; social housing; environmental destruction. My work spans research, writing, and directing documentary, experimental, and fiction films.

Recent Documentary Work:

Research Director and Development Co-Writer – “Advocate” (Documentary; 108 min; Winner Docaviv FF 2020; Emmys 2021 for Best Documentary).

Research Director, Investigator and Writer – “Holes” (Documentary; 80 min; Channel 8 IL, NDR Germany; Docaviv FF 2021).

Research Director and Co-Writer – “Far from Maine” ( Documentary; 80 min, In production).

Director-Producer – “Yaser’s Land” (Documentary; 22 min; Solidarity Human Rights FF).


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