Experienced Level
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Languages spoken
English / Persian

Sahand Sarhaddi

Director, Writer

Graduated in Theatre and Dramatic Literature at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University.
In 2006, he started collaborating with some publications as a photographer. In 2010, he also started working in theatre and cinema, mainly as a writer and director, as well as in visual arts. His artistic work focuses on integrating untold stories in history, photography, music and literature. He has done more than ten solo and group exhibitions (such as photography, video arts and performance arts) and two short and two feature-length films. He joined the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) in 2020 and is currently a member of its board. He was one of the alumni of “Berlinale Talent” in 2023 and was present in the “ShortFormStation” with his new project. He participated in the “Nipkow Programm” residency in Berlin as an Artist at Risk in 2023


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