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Thomas Hogben

Director of Photography


Thomas Hogben is a Scottish-based Director of Photography, who specialises in working within Documentary. He was one of only 7 chosen for the Scottish Documentary Institute Bridging the Gap Scheme in 2016, and the resulting short documentary film, Teeth, premiered at EIFF and won Best Documentary at the Scottish Short Film Festival as well as screening at Aesthetica, Athens International, and Sebastopol Documentary Festival. From there he DoP’d the BBC Four short documentary Outlying and 30min Our Fathers documentary for BBC Scotland. In 2020, he was commissioned to undertake the experimental art film titled The Soul Of A Statue focusing on the work of renowned Czech glass artist Martin Janecky for exhibition at the Toyama Glass Museum in Tokyo. More recently in 2022, he worked as the DoP for Maurice O’Briens on his latest feature The Artist and the Wall of Death.


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